Letters to the Editor: Feb. 22, 2017

Prom policy is wrong

Recently, students at my high school, Archbishop Ryan High School, have been circulating a petition objecting to the school’s prom dress approval policy. This petition has garnered over 600 supporters, including parents, alumni and students from other schools.

My fellow petitioners claim that the procedure, which involves sending a photograph of the student in the dress for approval, is “degrading, arbitrary, and unfair” and that is it a “financial hardship to many students who planned to borrow a dress rather than spend hundreds of dollars on a new one.” Currently, Archbishop Ryan is the only school in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to have this type of policy, and it has been the subject of controversy almost every year since it was implemented by a former administrator several years ago.

I wrote to the administration, describing the petition and the reasons for objecting the dress code given on it. The administration sat down with me and recommended that we “go the proper way,” through student council. Several student council members, including the student body president and senior class president, have also objected to the dress code. The administration has yet to organize an official meeting with us, but is willing to address the issue. 

Nicholas Polini 


He doesn’t love Trump

In response to Al Ulus’ Letter to the Editor, “We need to show more love for ‘The Donald,’” published on Feb. 15: 

In regards to Mr. Al Ulus’ letter, how can one show more love for Donald Trump when he demeans and debases everyone who disagrees with him: women, disabled, vets, pickets, etc. As for going to his house (just a casino), you should be treated great. You are a customer. I respect the office of the president and I might respect and love him if he would stop the darn tweets.

John H. Crankshaw

West Mayfair

Rising costs are a sham

The $5 county tax on car registration came as a surprise to everyone. But now they charge $12 for renewing by internet (which brings the total cost) to $53.

Charles Hesser


Trump/ building trade alliance is a good thing

I applaud the North American Building Trades and President Trump for quickly setting a tone of cooperation and determination to move our country forward. 

Within the first few days of taking office, President Trump invited leaders of the national unions that comprise the North American Building Trades to the White House for an important discussion on the nation’s deteriorating infrastructure. 

To President Trump’s credit, he stated his administration’s commitment to funding major infrastructure improvement projects across the country and his desire to work with the Building Trades to accomplish the enormous task. Our country’s highways, roads, bridges, tunnels and sewer systems are in major need of repair and overhaul. The closure of the Delaware River Bridge that connects Pennsylvania and New Jersey as a result of a dangerous crack in the bridge’s steel foundation is all the evidence we in the region require to understand the immediacy of the need. 

The leaders of the Building Trades also deserve our respect for setting aside political differences, accepting the president’s invitation, and showing a willingness to work with the new administration to get our national infrastructure and economy moving in the right direction. 

It was a great start to a relationship that could prove to be very productive for all of us. 

Al Taubenberger

Philadelphia City Councilman (At-Large)

Tariq could be trouble

D.A. Seth Williams’ sidekick, Tariq El-Shabazz, has entered himself in the free-for-all D.A. primary.

He left his law firm with unpaid judgments and he personally has almost $200,000 in unpaid taxes.

If he steps into Seth’s shoes, how many years will it take “his friends” to provide “gifts” to bail him out?

Mayer Krain

Modena Park