Letters to the Editor: Feb. 15, 2017

We must buy American

I am an 86-year-old widow.

My husband was a clothing cutter for men’s clothing and made a good salary, which we lived on. These days, we need either a military man or a business tycoon to run this country, not the leeches we now have in Washington, D.C.

Bring back food grown in this country, manufacture all things – clothes, furniture, cars, refrigerators – even if we have to pay a little more because it’s made in the USA.

All my furniture is made in Pennsylvania or South Carolina, 55 years old and still good as new.

Philomena Amati

Upper Holmesburg

Show respect for Trump

Philadelphia is a disgrace and should be ashamed.

Whether one is Republican or Democrat is not the point. Our governor or mayor should have greeted the president at the airport.

This is disrespectful to the office. With our mayor causing the city to lose federal funding, the burden will now be placed on the taxpayers.

The working class will be forced to leave the city in dire straits. The remaining citizens can thank their politicians.

Joseph W. Casee Sr.

Fox Chase

Dems like to overreach

In response to Al Taubenberger’s op-ed, “Soda tax having negative impact on small businesses,” published on Feb. 8:

I would like to start off by giving Republican City Councilman at large Al Taubenberger credit for taking a stance against this awful tax. But I do have one correction for Councilman Taubenberger. This tax is a grocery tax — not just a soda tax. The overall hurt of this tax goes beyond belief. 

Councilman Taubenberger speaks of the city’s responsibility to broaden the tax base of Philadelphia. As a taxpayer and a Republican conservative, I believe there is never a conversation on programs that might not be needed in the city of Philadelphia.

Also in this editorial, the councilman speaks of the city going too far. I would like to tell the councilman that’s called government overreach. It’s not only in the city we live in, it’s in the state we live in and the country we live in. A certain political group likes to tell us how to live our lives. 

David Lee


We need to show more love for ‘The Donald’

How quickly the American people have forgotten Donald Trump. There once was a time when all walks of life, from all parts of the world, would converge, mingle and meet at Donald’s house, and with great pleasure.

When I say house, I mean his great casinos in Atlantic City, better known as the Trump Plaza and the Taj Mahal. And all were welcomed with open arms because he built these palaces of grandeur to entertain the masses of the world and nothing was left too short of extravagance to please. 

Trump offered his best because he wanted to give the best. By giving his best, people appreciated his hospitality, or they wouldn’t keep coming back to his house. For those prosperous times in Atlantic City, people wanted to feel important and good. He respected his people from all walks of life into his house.

But what has happened to change all that now? The once-proud people of America have turned against a man who was deemed as “The Man with the Hair.” A man who welcomed the world to his house, but now is being scalped by the unappreciative masses who once loved “The Donald.”

All Trump is trying to do is make things better for the people. Better in the sense of providing a secure and safe America for all citizens who are diligent to our way of life and civility.

Like the plaque on Harry Truman’s desk in the White House read, “The buck stops here,” for Trump, a similar inscription would read, “Evil stops here.” It’s not about race or creed but about safeguarding against potential undesirables who aim to do harm before they cross the threshold. Is there something wrong with that idea? We do it at sporting events and before entering government buildings.

So let’s recollect those good times we spent at his house when we all felt safe and now welcome Trump to his new house, the White House. Let’s show the good sportsmanship like the decent Americans we once were and cut out the hostility, chaos, mayhem and hate. Let’s work on keeping our house, our country and our citizens, safe and united together once again.

Al Ulus